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p0ach becomes iamKuwaiti

I want to give back to the community, to Kuwait, the best way I know how – through tools that fit my lifestyle best.

Tried giving micro blogging like insta6rag & twitter a chance but it didn’t work out for me due to limitations and me feeling suffocated by the not-so-rich user experience. Besides, keeping a record of the work we do online is much more appreciated by those looking for it on full display through a proper website.

Realized that people have gazillion ways to vent, balance their state of mind and just be sane again. None of my business how but, my way is typing. Through it, I allow my mind to free its self from old, repetitive, moving round-in-circles kind of thoughts out of its system. That experience alone is liberating.

I believe that doing so, allows new, more exciting thoughts to creep in. I really really do believe that.

Been blessed with lots of projects, experiences and people since the last time I was around  – Cant wait to share my findings with you & I hope you find them as fun and exciting as I made them.

On a spiritual level, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to multiple teachings, healers, books and Reiki as well (Level 1 certified healer, level two on the way). Combining these elements together brought me to deeper layers of consciousness and a more holistic view towards life. Very fortunate, very very fortunate.

iAmKuwaiti ( iam has deep spiritual roots you can look up ) Kuwaiti is all about you, the talented individuals and my experiences.

Why a brand new blog ? (Three reasons)

I never really liked how people pronounced p0ach, they went with something like: paWWWch, pooch, or worse, BOOACH with a B. I felt going with a simpler, more relevant name would work.

The website was full of technical errors, bugs and layers upon layers of stupidity. The media layout wasn’t cool as well. Plus, I seriously needed a break.

This new minimal looking website is a beast and can do wonders, minus all the cons mentioned above. The web will grow much more than what it is now with more pages and sections as long as more content fills up our data base.


Are blogs dead ?

A big fat NO is my response. Actually blogs are huge everywhere in the world, don’t believe me, ask uncle google.

My daily web visits consist of only blogs with the exception of one forum.

The logo was created by a dear friend of mine a long time ago (look out for our sit-down post) so p0ach is still there, we’ll probably revamp and push out something more compatible with the new name. The identity & theme is still the same though – Let there be light.

Don’t forget to check out the About page to learn more and the Contact section just incase you have a tip to share with me.

For now, i’ll just leave you to sit and give permission to your senses to enjoy the look and sound of  Banider’s beach salty sea waves.

Stay grounded, stay humble and more beautiful everyday



  1. Kuwaiti Hero says

    I thought you would never come back man

    welcome back ///// tell us more about Raiki


    • Someone from ayaam el 6aybeen is here – hah!

      I will always need your kind guidenace, support and presence.

      Thank you for the warm welcome!


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