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Social Hub: Vol.1


Isn’t it nice going to a place knowing that everything you need for that cup of coffee you’ve been  craving all day will be ok?

Here is the formula:

1st ever Coffee Barista in Kuwait – Great coffee – Fun crowd – Delicious food – wonderful music

I always feel like I’m on vacation when I’m at Vol.1 – its that european, upper class vibe I get, although the place exudes simplicity and minimalism, there is something posh in the air. The floral arrangements, the music, metallic cue, wonderful layers of grey and then that unduplicated element of love, PEOPLE !

Made lots of new friends just hanging in there, got business proposals, creative suggestions and a lot of people asked me to blog again, so here I am. Many people talk to you randomly, they don’t want anything, they just feel the need to share, so they do. I think thats beautiful, I think this is how people act when they are on vacation as well. just open, simple and care free.

You can always have a successful business model, but can you have fans? I feel that when I call a place like VOL.1 a social hub, it fits it perfectly.


From a design perspective, I find the place simple, elegant and euro-minimal in a way. Have a look at these pics:

vol10 IMG_4538 IMG_4537You might see the place as small or too little, but trust and believe, this place packed dozens of people lining up outside like zombies waiting for a sip of good-handpicked-filtered coffee. Its really comfy, spacious and excellent for getting work done, if your sitting at my favorite table in the centre.

But first, Coffee:

I thought I should do a quick time lapse video for you to have a look at that fine, acid free, filtered coffee you sip everyday – it takes a long time to form and come together. None of that instant coffee mixed with god knows what.


This is where the magic happens

Did a test, brought everyone I know who is a “coffee lover” to try VOL.1 basic entry item, Iced Latte. Reactions I got were eyes popping, heard “emmm emmm emmmm”, what do they put in it, kind of questions and what have you. So all in all, people loved it instantly. I tried asking, why do you like it ? They keep giving me random answers, mine is: It doesn’t have a crazy after taste, the milk is awesome and the coffee is just great. No acidity, aaah !

Moving forward, the woman who runs this place is Kuwait’s first ever barista and we think she is the bomb. Not only because of the goodies she provides us with, but because she is an athlete as well, so alot of attention is given to what you put in your mouth.  Look at this for instance:

IMG_4543Look, its very simple, it tells you everything you need to know from a nutritional point of view. You can tell that a lot of attention was given to this, plus the layout is really cool.

Ofcourse, there are lots of other tasty dishes to choose from – you should have a look at their hipster central profile on instagram just to see the latest.



Before I get to that element, I just want to give out a round of applause for the beautiful flower arrangements surrounding the coffee bar. I might be a flower lover or a nature enthusiast, not sure, I just love the display. It feels grand, yet earthy and organic.

Love love love the crowd, doesn’t matter if you know who’s sitting next to you or not, the crowd is just awesome. Easy to talk to – familiar minds – lovely spirits. That doesn’t mean the place is not diverse enough – you see, we did have moments of confusion


But then again, we just rub it off and move on.

One more thing, ladies, this is a coffee shop in the end of the day, lets try to keep our wedding accesories at bay. You see, boys, ever since the late 2000’s have been interested in minds, simple looks and just basic outfits, lets hold hands, take deep breaths and try to relax. Hand me your phone, lets call the bank, return the BAQMA back to the safe, ok ? Overdressing is allowed I’m sure but it’ll be overlooked. Oh and boys coming from gyms, Ahllan Wa Sahllan, lets just ditch the flip-flops please.


VOL.1 is responsible for 20-30 dollars worth of iTunes music purchases made through my account – thats not a lot of cash but I keep on Shazaming tracks I hear – Music is great – People did see me do the shoulder dance with my head going back and forth or sideways depending on genre.


Get in touch

Artisan Coffee Bar & Brewery | Micro Roastery Operating hours: 7am-9pm (closed fridays) #vol1kuwait,47.979561


  1. Maryam Al Fahad says

    lurve this!! i’ve heard but i never got the time to actually try it out.
    you gave me the reason to do so!


  2. Heard about the place but I’m not a fan of coffee nor am I a coffee person hehe tried it once and hated the bitterness. I prefer my caffeine in a soda can 😛


    • Haha .. Alot of my friends go for tea instead, try the sweets, if you are free, the hazelnut balls – Cappuccino bits (not too coffee concentrated) and if you are feeling adventurous try the bacon dish 😍


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