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Ramadan AD: KFH

We love music, we love music a lot. If there is anything we hate – We think hate is a big word – but for what its worth, we hate the over layered vocals that are supposed to be islamic. Says who ? don’t know why that annoying sound is related to islamic tunes, its not.

Then, we move to the little boy’s hair cut and weird smile. The kid is just a kid, we can not point anything out there but for a conservative islamic bank, what are they promoting ? Self love and liberations or an attempt to be cool, hip and in ? – in all cases, its not happening.

We love KFH and what they stand for, we are not fans of this AD because:

  • It drips with heavy layers of cheese.
  • Soundtrack feels like the devil.
  • Felt like the Smurfs.
  • The scene with the little girl and older man is freaky.

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