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Ramadan AD: KFH

We love music, we love music a lot. If there is anything we hate – We think hate is a big word – but for what its worth, we hate the over layered vocals that are supposed to be islamic. Says who ? don’t know why that annoying sound is related to islamic tunes, its not.

Then, we move to the little boy’s hair cut and weird smile. The kid is just a kid, we can not point anything out there but for a conservative islamic bank, what are they promoting ? Self love and liberations or an attempt to be cool, hip and in ? – in all cases, its not happening.

We love KFH and what they stand for, we are not fans of this AD because:

  • It drips with heavy layers of cheese.
  • Soundtrack feels like the devil.
  • Felt like the Smurfs.
  • The scene with the little girl and older man is freaky.

Ramadan AD: VIVA

Sheefa just released their brand new ad, we think the production is cool.

We love Haya and Amal together. Haya is being classic Haya with the over exaggeration of facial gifts and Amal is being Amal, cat-y.

Sheefa, this seems like a good AD, the message better be good or i’ll be breaking dishes on your mugs

Ramadan AD: Burger King

Some ads are good, some bad and some are just plain horrible.

We have no words and we don’t know where to start – We just feel belittled as an audience.

p.s: Fire everyone who worked, agreed to work on and executed this project immediately. AND remove it from YouTube, for your own good.

Ramadan AD: Zain Group


An example of a sweet sweet fantasy.

At first we thought the indian melodies were a bit odd, however, the more we went deeper in this mini movie, we could see it resembling an escape from a harsh reality out there – a true brand identity where Zain is a wonderful world that take you away from it all – A utopia you escape to.

One more thing, we like the hindu/spiritual/Osho feel of this great escape. We dig it and we won’t elaborate more so people won’t say we are promoting a cult, specially now in RA RA Ramadan.

Great work, we are truly pleased and in awe.

Ramadan AD: Ooredoo

Pros: Excellent video production, high quality in nearly all aspects, love the soundtrack.
Cons: The message has nothing to do with the story, the plot is all over the place, lots of flavors in one pot – feels like new money, nouveaux riches.

Reminds us of some people we see at harrods, multiple brands, walking monograms. Lots of money, no taste, sad reality.


Ramadan AD: KIB

This is cute

We can’t touch this AD because it has kids, we love kids.

Two comments though:

A- The hair is not happening for us. Father and son. We can’t.

B- The AD feels like you are shifting your gear to N. Nothing forward, nothing backward.

Congratulations KIB, you are finally recognised in the universe. You exist.